NSW Law Almanacs

About this site

The entire collection of all past New South Wales Law Almanacs (from 1886), with the exception of 2002 (the only year it was not published), are available on this web site. They have been catalogued by year and are fully searchable.

The Law Almanacs have great historical significance; they are an essential tool of trade for legal historians. It is not possible to do in-depth research into legal history in New South Wales without referring to this invaluable resource. Members of the public seeking information about their family history can also now readily have access to the Almanacs.

In the past only a few collections were publicly available. In many cases the earlier volumes, particularly from 1886 to 1932, held in collections have been irreversibly affected by bacteria and have deteriorated.

This project was carried out by the New South Wales Bar Association with the assistance of a grant made by the trustees of the Public Purpose Fund. Special thanks go to the Law Society of New South Wales and the Attorney General’s Department, as well as Thomson Reuters, for their support and permission to reproduce the works in which they own copyright.